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The Laid in Britain Quality Assurance Scheme encompasses a thorough testing and monitoring programme to maintain the health and welfare of the laying flocks and guarantee the best quality eggs to the end user.

Within the scheme, competitive exclusion has been chosen as an additional method of disease control because of its proven record against all Salmonellae, Coliforms, Pasteurella and other potential food safety hazards.

HACCP regulations are incorporated into the rearing, laying and packing areas of Laid in Britain approved egg production units which are independently audited, annually. A certificate of compliance will be issued, and, point of sale material made available.

There is an additional swab testing of the environment, for Salmonella, every 15 weeks. Failure in either quality or safety/welfare will result in the member being removed from the scheme.

Members of The United Kingdom Egg Producers Association (UKEP) can take advantage of the Laid in Britain scheme. Mostly independent producer/packers, members operate mainly in their respective local areas supplying a varied selection of retail and catering outlets.

Their proximity to the market means that any traceability trail is short.

Recorded data from accredited members confirm improved liveability and performance among their flocks, whilst the wide-ranging protection has built customer confidence in the safety, quality and value of Laid in Britain eggs.

A Reputation Built on Quality and Service